Bookallcrete is delivered to you by the global tourism technology provider in co-operation with Cretan tourism entrepreneurs, John and Michael Pantelakis.

Bookallcrete offers to the Cretan tourism-related sector the ability to freely publish ordinary posts with rich content on their premises and services. They are also able to publish paid featured posts whereby booking and other services are enabled and made accessible to all visitors.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Bookallcrete allows premises to freely publish premise or service accessibility information. This service has been designed in co-operation with Perpato, a well-known Greek disability association, a relationship managed and moderated by Gregory Chryssikos.

Visitors and users of information and booking services are advised to consult with the 'privacy and 'terms of use' pages at the footer of this site.

Welcome to Crete, welcome to Bookallcrete!